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Top 5 diving locations for Indonesia!

Indonesia is a top tourist attraction and has been for many years! Although most people visit Bali & Lombok, the best dive sites, in my opinion, are found beyond these beautiful places. Find out which locations are in my top 5 and why. But perhaps most important: How do you get to these places in Indonesia? All can be found below.

Alor - East Nusa Tenggara

Remote and undiscovered

<h3 class="font_3">Remote and undiscovered</h3>

Want to go diving completely off the beaten path? Book your ticket to Kupang - Alor Kecil and find yourself in the company of dedicated divers, exploring the pristine reefs in crystal clear waters!

Bunaken/ Lembeh - Sulawesi

Macro Heaven

<h3 class="font_3">Macro Heaven</h3>

Sulawesi is often overlooked by tourists in general. Please look into this easy-to-book trip to the north part of Sulawesi and stay at Lembeh, Bunake, or the Togian Islands!

Komodo - Flores

Currents and dragons

<h3 class="font_3">Currents and dragons</h3>

Everyone wants to see the Komodo dragons, right? Visit Komodo with a liveaboard, go diving with more sharks and manta rays than you can count, and also visit the island to see these ancient dragons!

Raja Ampat - West Papua

Cradle of marine life

<h3 class="font_3">Cradle of marine life</h3>
<h3 class="font_3"><br></h3>

Perhaps one of the best places to go diving, period. Raja Ampat is on many bucket lists, and for good reason. Although lots of people think it's difficult to get to, here you can find information to make your dream trip a little easier.

Sangalaki - Kalimantan

Remote and pristine

<h3 class="font_3">Remote and pristine</h3>

Remote and pristine diving off the east coast of Kalimantan! A comprehensive trip, but you'll feel like you're at the edge of the world!

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