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The Philippines

The Philippines is a magnifient group of 7641 island, both small and large. The Diving possibilities are endless and you can see anything from macro to thresher sharks. I started in the north near Coron & El Nido for wreck diving and some warm water shallow cave and macro diving. Eventually I made my way down south to Cebu to Malapascua continuing to MoalBoal for the epic Sardines. I ended the trip in Dauin where the macro diving scene is one of the best. They also organise some day trips to Apo Island nearby, to have a bit of a change of scenery.

A quick summary

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Moalboal & Malapascua

I flew to Cebu from Puerta Princessa on Palawan Island. From there took a taxi to Malapascua Island to go diving with the thresher sharks. After a week or so I made my way back down to MoalBoal for the legendary Sardine run. Millions of fish black out the sun in this life-changing dive!

Thresher Shark

Coron & El Nido

Very close, Very different

Coron was my first stop, which is a lovely little town easily accessible from Manilla by airplane. Coron has some great scenery, free-diving, and wreck diving. The town offers everything for your daily needs and evening leisure. El Nido is accessible by ferry from Coron which is a great next stop if you're there. El Nido offers some of the most relaxing, warm water, no wet suit diving I have ever experienced. The town is situated along the coast and life is easy-going.

Wreck diving

Port Barton & Rizal, Roxas

Pioneer new dive sites in unexplored Palawan Diving!

Port Barton has been a quiet, and remote tourist destination for a while now, for people who want to leave the sometimes crowded places like Coron & El Nido. Besides Island hopping, which is widely available, diving is also a very good option to spend your days here. Discover new places, learn about marine life and boast to your friends about the remote places you've seen!

Wreck diving


The Philippines ultimate scuba diving classroom!

Boracay was a longtime backpackers paradise, with parties, drinks, and all the problems and joys it can bring. Diving has never been the primary reason for tourists to visit. However, this has changed dramatically since it closed down completely in 2018, for a complete rebranding, attracting more families and divers. Diving is diverse and very interesting for all levels of divers.

Airplane Tri Bird

Bohol - Panglao & Anda

Visit the best reefs in the Philippines!

Panglao has been a staple in diving for many years now, mostly because of Balicasag. An island on many people's bucket lists, and for good reason. However, do not sleep on places like Pamilacan island and/or Doljo. Seen it all? Visit Anda, and be prepared to be blown away by rare fish, amazing landscapes, and remote locations. And one of the top places for night diving I have ever experienced.



The island of healing and mysticism.

Siquijor has been a prime tourist destination for years. The mysticism and voodoo practiced on this beautiful is only part of its beauty though. Dive the western reefs, in crystal clear waters or take a trip to Apo island! 

Reef View

Puerto Galera

The detour, you NEED to make!

Puerto Galera was a big surprise for me. It's quite the detour, but so very worth it. The reefs, just around the corner from Sabang, the main diving location are simply stunning. Dive the "Alma Jane" wreck or take a trip to Verde Island, or even dive the difficult "Canyons" to change your diving life forever!

Upshot reef

Apo Island & Dauin

Paradise meets Macro diving

Dauin was the final stop for me last time. I was made aware by divers in MoalBoal that the macro diving there was excellent so I had to go see and they were so right! Dauin is a simple little town with 1 really good dive center. A lot of day trips and live aboardsliveaboards visit Apo Island and here you will find what is as close to paradise as you can be. Crystal clear waters, top-notch reef diving, and some deep dive opportunities.

Flamboyant Cuttlefish


WW2 wreck diving at it's best, close to home!

Subic is a popular weekend getaway for many Filipinos. Only 3 hours by car or bus, and you're in a pretty little town, on the beach enjoying the sunset or the excellent wreck diving! If you don't have the time or will to fly to Coron, this is an excellent (maybe even better) alternative!

Reef on Wreck
Coron & El Nido
Port Barton/ Rizal
Bohol -Panglao & Anda
Puerto Galera
Dauin & Apo
Good To Know
  • Currency: Pesos(₱) 

  • Conversion(Roughly): ₱100 = $1,91

  • Power plug outlet: 220V 60Hz

  • Best Taxi Application: Grab

  • Best Provider: Smart

  • Mostly Cash payments

  • Safe to Drink Tapwater: NO

  • Online Electronics: Lazada

  • Accommodation: AirBnB

  • Best Airplane Company: Cathay

  • Average Internet speed: 45 Mbps

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