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Taiwan might not seem like a place to go diving, but do not be deceived. Besides their excellent food, amazing landscape, and friendly people, there are some hidden gems you can easily visit to also enjoy this island underwater! Visit Shark Point, Green island, or some other hidden gems!

A quick summary

Green Island

Taiwan has five major diving regions with fantastic visibility and varied marine life year-round.

Green Island is where Shark Point is, each spring, large groups of hammerhead sharks pass through here. Which makes it worthwhile. There are also some natural hot springs and beautiful vistas you can enjoy on this tiny Island.

Good To Know
  • Currency: Taiwanese Dollar(TWD) 

  • Conversion(Roughly): IDR100 = $3,36

  • Power plug outlet: 110V 60Hz

  • Best Taxi Application: Cabify, Curb

  • Best Provider: FET & GT

  • Pin/ Cash payments

  • Safe to Drink Tapwater: YES

  • Online Electronics: Ubuy

  • Accommodation: AirBnB

  • Best Airplane Company: EVA air

  • Average Internet speed: 160 Mbps

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