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South Korea

Scuba diving in South Korea might not seem like the most obvious of choices. The food, culture, and hiking are top-notch in this beautiful country! Therefore it's a nice surprise you can actually enjoy great diving, especially in the south on Jeju Island. 

A quick summary

Jeju Island

While visiting South Korea is something I can recommend to anyone. While you perhaps aren't aware, there is excellent diving on Jeju Island. The island is mostly famous among South Koreans as a holiday destination, so people flock to this beautiful place in spring and on weekends. Seogwipo is the place to be here!

Blue spotted stingray

Good To Know

  • Currency: South Korean Won(₩)

  • Conversion(Roughly):  ₩10.000 = $8,-

  • Power plug outlet: 220V 60Hz

  • Best Taxi Application: Kakao Taxi

  • Best Provider: SK telecom

  • Pin/ Cash payments

  • Safe to Drink Tap water: YES

  • Online Electronics: Coupang

  • Accommodation: AirBnB

  • Best Airplane Company: Korean Airlines

  • Average Internet speed: 180 Mbps

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