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Japan Oki island cliff


When I visited Japan I was amazed by the people, culture, food and eventually also: The Diving scene! Although you'll have to go to a specific spot in the country all the way in the south you will never forget this trip, hopping between islands, experiencing the best sites, and basking in the most beautiful beaches.

A quick summary

Oki Islands

Maybe not the most obvious place to go diving when you're in Japan however the islands in themselves are worth the trip. Diving is only done basically on the island Ama at the time of writing.


The Keramas - Okinawa

This is perhaps the most famous and beautiful place to dive in Japan. Not easy to get to but more than worth your time and trouble. Probably the best visibility in all of Okinawa!


Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki Island is a relatively easy stop on your trip through the Okinawa region. You can fly directly to it, and stay there a couple of days before you continue your journey. All the while not missing out on your diving schedule!

Manta Moment

Yonaguni Island

Yonaguni is perhaps world-famous for its rock formation which to legend, sank and is now just a 100-meter-long experience. Go soo this amazing structure and discuss whether it's man-made, or something else....?

Nudibranch edit

Miyako Island

Miyako Island is actually an archipelago of many smaller islands, that you can actually visit! Most of them are inhabited and you can hop from beach to beach while booking your favorite diving scenes!

Yellow damsel fish eggs

Good To Know

Travel Information Japan

  • Currency: Yen(JPY)

  • Conversion(Roughly):  ¥1000 = $8,00

  • Power plug outlet: 100V 50-60Hz

  • Best Taxi Application: Uber

  • Best Provider: Docomo

  • Pin/ Cash payments

  • Safe to Drink Tapwater: YES

  • Online Electronics: Ubuy

  • Accommodation: AirBnB

  • Best Airplane Company: All-nippon

  • Average Internet speed: 160+ Mbps

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