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Reef fish egypt liveaboard


Egypt: The land of pharaohs, pyramids, deserts, and probably one of the best diving in the scene! If you want to dive the Red Sea from shore, go ahead! However I can recommend booking a liveaboard to get to those remote, but o so beautiful wrecks and reefs.

A quick summary

Northern Part - Liveaboard

If you only have so much time and still want to see everything like me, book a liveaboard! You will dive non-stop for a week or more, enjoying the water, food, and service you deserve!

Dolphins Egypt

Southern Part - Wadi Lahami

The Southern part of Egypt seems maybe far away and hard to get to unless you know how. Close to the border of Sudan, you will find remote and gorgeous dive resorts which will leave you amazed by their geography and dolphins!

Cave exit blue fish

Good To Know

  • Currency: Pond(EGP) 

  • Conversion(Roughly): £100 = $5,50

  • Power plug outlet: 220V 50Hz

  • Best Taxi Application: Uber, Ousta, Careem

  • Best Provider: Vodafone

  • Pin/ Cash payments

  • Safe to Drink Tapwater: NO

  • Online Electronics: SharafDG

  • Accommodation: AirBnB

  • Best Airplane Company: Etihad airways

  • Average Internet speed: 32 Mbps

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