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Port barton Islands

Port Barton & Roxas

Port Barton & Roxas

Port Barton and Roxas diving ratings
Best months for diving Palawan

Diving Port Barton & Roxas

Want to visit the world-famous Wil's Wreck in Rizal, Roxas? Read on, as this is the place to be to explore the cargo barge wreck, named after me because I and Mike at Mecaja Dive resort were the first to dive into his sunken ship!

Diving is possible year-round in Port Barton & Rizal, Roxas, However, the best period and weather is between December and March. The visibility is great then! 

July - October usually is considered the worst time to go diving there, however, It's all about chances. I had a great time in September! 

Port Barton and Rizal, Roxas, have been the victim of the latest typhoon, as have many places in the Philippines. So certain dive sites have been destroyed, but people have been working hard to restore what they can!

Port Barton Maxima Island
Sea Snake

Port Barton

Port Barton is a lovely little town just south of San Vicente and easily reached by van or bus. The pristine beaches and beautiful islands will make your loved ones back home jealous.

The town feels small, yet is mostly dedicated to tourism, especially island hopping and kayaking. On the beachfront, you'll find many hotels, bars, and restaurants with lovely seafood, breakfasts, and drinks available. 

5 years ago, the town was still only partially supplied with electricity, but nowadays, it's available all day, as well as wifi.

Since the pandemic, 1 dive center closed down, and currently, only 2 are still operating: Port Barton diving center & Easy Diving. You can find them both near or on the beach.


Roxas is the greater area close to Port Barton. The main attraction here is Mecaja Dive Resort in Rizal, Roxas, nearby.

Diving in the Roxas area is relatively new, and new diving sites are being discovered every week. The Mecaja Dive resort has been putting in a lot of effort, to put this diving scene, on the Palawan map, and with success!

If you're looking for a remote and personal experience, this is the place to be! Highly skilled dive guides are working here, and the area is simply stunning!

Activities such as Firefly watching, Island hopping, kayaking, fishing, etc. are available on request, as well as some great diving.

If you want to escape tourists, visit Mecaja Dive Resort!


2 moray eel
Mecaja beach

How to get there?

Port Barton:

To get to Port Barton, you can either come from Puerto Princessa or El Nido/ Coron. Vans from El Nido will depart daily, from the Corong Corong Terminal. From EL Nido town, take a tricycle to the terminal and ask the dispatcher where the van to Port Barton is.

Expect to pay 600 pesos for the trip from El Nido, which will bring you to Port Barton terminal in about 3,5 hours.

From Puerto Princessa, take a tricycle to the bus terminal and you can arrange a van that will take you to Port Barton in 2,5 hours for about 400-500 pesos.


I wanted to include Roxas here as well, as this is a relatively "new" diving scene, and very accessible from El Nido, Port Barton, and Puerto Princessa. 

There is only one real spot for diving. The Mecaja Diving Resort. 

From Port Barton:

Take a van from the bus terminal in Port Barton, and let them drop you off at San José, where the road from Port Barton meets the highway to El Nido/ Puerto Princessa. Contact Mecaja Diving Resort in advance, to arrange a transfer from San José to the resort in 30 minutes, 150 pesos.

From El Nido/ Puerto Princessa:

Take a van, and let them drop you off in San José, at the intersection where the road to Port Barton meets the highway. Contact Mecaja Diving Resort in advance, to arrange a transfer from San José to the resort in 30 minutes, 150 pesos.

Puerto Princessa van: 2 hours - 300 pesos.

El Nido van: 3 hours - 400 pesos.

inside wreck
"Mecaja Wreck Diving Discoveries!"

The reefs around Rizal, Roxas are still being discovered. We had the opportunity to explore a shipwreck, never before found and seen. The first-ever footage can be seen in the video below!

Welcome: To Wil's Wreck!

Depth: 18 - 30 meters

Current: low

"Mecaja Diving Reefs"

The reefs around Rizal, Roxas are still being discovered. The fact is, the landscapes are quite stunning. Expect to see small pinnacles, coral gardens, and sloping reefs. What it lacks in the amount of fish, it makes up for with geography!

Depth: 8 - 30 meters

Current: low

Striped Catfishes

Below some photos and impressions

If you want to share your impressions and/or photos you're more than welcome to share them!

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