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Central America

Mexico - Costa Rica - Belize - Colombia - Equador. Scuba diving the most pristine coral reefs and marine parks in Central America! 

A quick summary

Below here, you will find an interactive map made by Google. Which shows you lots of scuba diving destinations for you to explore. Click on them to see more, photos, videos, and links to the appropriate web page! Enjoy!

Mexico - Cozumel, Socorro & Cenote's.

From scuba diving cenote's to Socorro's world class pinnacles!

Mexico: The country of mariachi, tequila & mezcal, tacos, and amazing scuba diving! Explore both west and east Mexico with the top 5 explained here!


Costa Rica - Cocos & more!

Every corner of this beautiful animal paradise can offer you some amazing scuba diving.

While Costa Rica is famous for its wildlife, mostly is focussed on the above-ground part. Here we will explore the oceans surrounding this beautiful country to go more in-depth, literally!

Stone henge dive site

Belize - Blue Hole

Gaze deep into the blue hole, down 120 meters in a near vertical drop into the mystical blue!

Belize is often overlooked because Mexico attracts a lot of attention. Be surprised by the beauty of Belize, with all dive sites near others, making for easy diving access!

Juvenile boxfish
Maldivian Sponge sea slug

Colombia - Malpelo Island Liveaboard

Only accesible from a liveaboard, 500 miles away from civilization!

Colombia might not be the first country you think of for scuba diving. However, you might want to look into this page to get some amazing inspiration on some off-the-beaten-path ideas!

Equador - Galapagos

Book yourself a liveaboard to these remote, and absolutely gorgeous islands kept pristine and in peace!

Most scuba divers have been thinking about going scuba diving here. Find your information, and inspiration here to make this dream finally come true!

Gun on shipwreck
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