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1 Week: Liveaboard

Similan Islands - Take a liveaboard to these beautiful islands for some unique diving

Itinerary 1 week: Similan & Surin Islands Liveaboard!



- Quick Summary

- Khao Lak/ Phuket

- Liveaboards

- Similan Islands (season, location & prices)

- Surin Islands

- Onwards


Check out the main page on the Similan & Surin Islands here!


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dancing shrimp
dancing shrimp


Similan & Surin Islands quick summary:

- Khao Lak/ Phuket 0-1 day

- Liveaboard - Boulders & Richelieu Rock

(4-6 nights) - Click here to book.

Travel schedule coron - el nido

Similan islands dive sites
Similan islands dive sites

"Similan & Surin Islands Liveaboard" Day-by-Day:


Khao Lak/ Phuket.

When you wish to go to the Similan & Surin Islands, you will need to book a liveaboard from either Khao Lak or Phuket.

There are many companies organizing these trips. I would highly recommend booking such a liveaboard since it's relatively cheap. You will do 20 dives in 5 days, with accommodation and food included.

Most boats will leave in the evening so that you can get your rest on the boat, before enjoying your first dive early in the next morning. Some boats offer 3 dives per day, with an optional night dive. Some boats offer 4 day-dives.

Personal note: 4 day dives is a lot. It means, a very tight schedule, with almost no room for error. Diving isn't as fun if you're bound to a strict schedule I have experienced, but to each their own.

You can also opt for day-trips. These trips usually leave from Khao Lak, but also from Phuket with speedboats. Most boats will try to visit Richelieu Rock in the Surin Islands and usually take 2+ hours one-way.

If you only have a day or two, this is a great option to see the best dive site in Thailand!

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Most liveaboards will organize a pick-up and drop-off from Khao Lak and/or Phuket, but you can ask this in advance.

I would like to add, that there are some hidden costs with liveaboards you might read over in the invoice or confirmation.

  • Gear is usually NOT included

  • Advanced open water is required to dive the Similan Islands

  • Nitrox will usually be available, and will cost you 2500 baht (60$) per trip

  • Tips and alcoholic drinks are not included in the price

  • Torches for night diving will cost between 200-300 baht (6$) per day

For more details check out the main page on the Similan & Surin Islands!


Check out the blog with all updated information!

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Maldivian Sponge Slug
Maldivian Sponge Slug

Similan & Surin Islands

It's good to know, the season for the Similan & Surin Islands opens between October - May, closing down from June - September.

The best time to visit the Similan & Surin Islands isn't nesecarily a certain month but February - March is considered the best time to see the big fish.

The Similan Islands are a group of islands consisting of 9 islands, each with their own specific and amazing dive sites.

The Similan & Surin Islands are located relatively close to each other, but greatly differ from another.

Similan island dive sites are mostly about landscape and boulders. Most good dive sites are deeper dive sites best appreciated between 20 - 40 meters. You will the occasional big fishes like sharks, manta ray and perhaps a whale shark, and many bigger predatory fish, like trevally, tuna, and queenfish.

The Surin islands are north of the Similans, and offer more traditional reef diving, in a very pristine environment. No single use plastics are allowed. No drone filming and/ or staying overnight on the islands.

Active rangers can and will patrol between the islands, checking permits on every boat they see.

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Scorpion fish looking at tasty fish
Scorpion fish looking at tasty fish



Returning from the Surin Islands to Khao Lak or Phuket, you will arrive late in the afternoon. Expect to be at your hotel no sooner than 9 PM.

From Khao Lak or Phuket you can easily catch a flight or boat to nearby islands or Bangkok for example.

For more details check out the main page on The Similan & Surin Islands!

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Bubble coral shrimp
Bubble coral shrimp

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