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Welcome, Scuba Diving Enthusiasts!

Welcome, and thank you for visiting! A website created for scuba divers and diving enthusiasts. 

All the information you will find on this website is a hands-on experience, updated to post covid-19.

The website uses a few ads and affiliate links to support the maintenance of further content, no other promotion or sponsored content will be found here. My goal is to give honest, updated, and personal information. Even though critical, I always try to stay positive because our biggest goal is to get everyone excited about scuba diving and all it entails!

If you're looking to collaborate in any way, either on the website, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, please fill out the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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Apo Island Scuba Diving - Best Coral Reefs & Turtles in Asia?!

Apo Island Scuba Diving - Best Coral Reefs & Turtles in Asia?!

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This website is created to offer different points of view for scuba diving and travel. 

You will find a menu with different countries you can click and visit for more details, or skip straight to the desired content in the sub-menu.

If you're looking to book a trip or holiday in the future and don't know exactly where to go or how to get there, I've made itineraries for you in the menu, as well as the top-5 locations per country for you to focus on.

The booking links for hotels and flights use affiliate links, but I always try to get the best prices, so I hope you will find them too!

Have fun exploring, and remember: "If you can breathe, you can dive!"

Travel / Diving Itineraries!

Need inspiration or a general sense of direction, when it comes to planning your next diving adventure? Check out these itineraries below or navigate the top menu to help you get started!

Coron Island from airplane

The Philippines

Over 8000 island to explore. Find the best ones here!

Egypt reef.jpg


Diving the Red Sea from the coast or liveaboard

Nusa Penida.jpg


Great food, great people, amazing diving! Need I say more?

Oki islands


Island hopping in Okinawa. Find your favorite!

Perenthian Island.webp


East, west Malaya, or just go to Sipadan!

Thailand placeholder


Visit all the Islands, reefs, and wrecks with ease!

Top 5 Diving Locations of...

So, you decided you want to visit a certain country for diving! That's great! But where will you go for that ultimate diving experience in your limited and precious time? Below you will find my personal top 5 locations for diving listed per country. Take a look and find out where, why, and how you can make the most of your holiday!

Thresher Shark_edited.jpg

The Philippines

Manta Close up.jpg


Hammerhead BW.webp


Whale shark.jpg


Consider yourself a true diving connoisseur? Take the test! 

Please fill in your name and e-mail. We will not send you marketing e-mails or use your information in any way unless you give us specific permission. This is just for fun! Enjoy!

A new start with dolphins in egypt

About me

Time for a change!

Starting in 2020 it was finally time: The lifelong dream of exploring the world, especially underwater. When Corona came, plans were delayed but never canceled. In April 2022 I left. Away from the security and safety of a steady job to do what I want to do: To travel, dive and meet amazing people.



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