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Best months for diving boracay

Diving Sipalay

Scuba diving in Sipalay isn't well known to most foreigners. however, when you look at the amount of dive sites available, as well as the possibility for an excursion to Caganyacillo or even Tubbataha Reefs in season, you would expect a bigger crowd.

Without going into the latter 2 to much, and just focussing on the Sipalay scuba diving scene, you will find more than enough to keep you, and your diving buddies occupied for a few days. 

Also worth mentioning is that Sipalay is one of the few places besides Coron and Subic where you can visit some amazing and accesible ship wrecks!

Scorpionfish looking at fish
Sipalay Reef


The area around Sipalay is stretched along the coastline. There are 3 main areas for diving, namely:

- Campomanes Bay/ Punta Ballo

- Sugar beach

- Bulata

These locations all offer something different, but the best dive sites are near Punta Ballo/ Campomanes Bay and in the north around Dan Jugan.

Be very careful where you choose to stay since the distance between the north point at Dan Jugan and the south point at Campomanes Bay is 45 min - 1 hour by car and 2+ hours by boat.

Additional Information Sipalay

Some general advice and tips:

Diving Prices:

1800-2200 pesos per dive.

Additional costs:

500 pesos for a van or bus from Bacolod to Sipalay

400 pesos with public transport from Dauin to Sipalay

Painted Frogfish
Clown fish in corals

How to get there?

To get to Sipalay you can either come from the north/ Bacolod or from the south/ Dauin-Dumaguete.

When arriving from Bacolod, you can take a taxi from the airport to the busterminal and from there take a bus or van for 400 pesos straight to Sipalay. There are many resorts along the coastline. Average travel time is 4 hours.

From Dauin/ Dumaguete it's best to use public transport. Get on the bus from the main terminal in Dumaguete or hail a bus on the main road in Dauin. The bus will go directly to Bayawan. There you can transfer to the bus to Sipalay/ Bacolod and get off at your resort destination. The total cost is around 500 pesos per person and takes around 5 hours.

Vans from Dauin/ Dumaguete can be arranged, but usually cost anywhere between 5000 - 9000 pesos per vehicle.


Although Sipalay is quite remote and far away from any airport. The diving is unique and very much worthwhile. From shipwrecks to beautiful underwater landscapes with pelagic and macro diving available at many places, you can easily spend a week diving here.

Sipalay Dive sites.jpg
"SS Jojo"

MS Jojo was sunk around 1982 for insurance money. Therefor the ship is pretty much intact. Laying on its' side this shipwreck is easy to navigate and even penetrate in a few places. An amazing wreck dive for new and experienced divers alike.

Maximum depth: 32 meters

Current: Non.

"SS Panay"

An Advanced wreck, not because of any other challenges rather than the depth. Starting at 32+ meters deep you will follow the top side of the ship, ending the dive at a maximum depth of 40 meters. Not a long dive, because of NDL limits, but fun and impressive nonetheless!

Maximum depth: 38 meters

Current: low.

Top of wreck overview Camia
"Sipalay Reefs"

The Sipalay Reefs as I call them range from Maasin (small island) to Punta Ballo and are simply put stunning. The landscape is impressive with healthy corals, chances to see bigger pelagic like barracudas and sharks, while also meeting many turtles. Suited for all levels of divers.


Maximum depth: 27 meters.

Current: low.

Below some photos and impressions

If you want to share your impressions and/or photos you're more than welcome to share them!

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