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Thresher Shark Cebu malapascua


Thresher sharks

Best months for diving Visayas/ siquijor

Diving  Malapascua

Diving in Cebu is possible year-round. The best period however is between December & May. The weather is nice, and the visibility is great. Cebu has many great diving scenes including MoalBoal's Sardine run and the thresher sharks of Malapascua.

There are also some great liveaboards departing from Cebu going around the island visiting all the best spots.

Thresher Shark


Malapascua is a remote island all the way to the north of Cebu. The island I feel is divided into 2 parts: The tourist part, and the non-tourist part. From the beach, you will end up in the tourist part which includes shops, hotels, and dive centers.

If you talk a walk onto the island you will visit the people as they live there and with luck witness some party or festival. The island is gorgeous and easily walkable.

Diving is amazing! The signature dive here is with the thresher sharks. The dive will start early(!) in the morning just before sunrise and will take you to approximately 30 meters deep where you can sit down on the bottom floor and watch the sharks come up to the cleaning station in the morning. The site is not a guarantee for thresher sharks though. It took me 2 dives to see one but was well worth it.

Around Malapascua

Malapascua is very remote, and getting there, and away will quickly consume half a day or more. The island offers penty of sightseeing options, but is very much dedicated to diving. 

Just relaxing on the beach, enjoying your cocktails, you can easily lose a week of your life here!

Upshot reef

How to get there?

Malapascua: To get there can be quite a trip since you need to fly to Cebu, get a taxi (which you can probably share), and will take you about 3-4 hours to the jetty in New Maya to Malapascua. Then it's a short ferry to Malapascua and well worth it (100 pesos).

Below some photos and impressions

If you want to share your impressions and/or photos you're more than welcome to share them!

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