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Central America

Mexico - Costa Rica - Belize - Colombia - Equador. Scuba diving the most pristine coral reefs and marine parks in Central America! 

A quick summary

Mexico - Cozumel, Socorro & Cenote's.

From scuba diving cenote's to Socorro's world class pinnacles!

Most famous for being a diving school to get your open water course done. However, diving here is actually really good, with healthy reefs, many schooling fish, and a chance to spot really big fish like whale sharks, barracudas, and trevally!

Dive the world-class diving site at sail rock from Koh Pha Ngan, or stay and vibe on Koh Tao.


Costa Rica - Cocos & more!

Every corner of this beautiful animal paradise can offer you some amazing scuba diving.

While Koh PhiPhi is world famous, mostly for its beaches and parties, the more quiet Koh Lanta is just starting to attract some attention. While both islands are pretty close to each other, they offer a completely different experience! Get best of both worlds and just hop on a boat an visit them both!

Stone henge dive site

Belize - Blue Hole

Gaze deep into the blue hole, down 120 meters in a near vertical drop into the mystical blue!

While Koh Lipe might look like a big trip or hassle to get to, don't skip it! This is in my opinion of the most complete diving destinations I have found in Thailand! Whether you enjoy muck-diving, big pelagics, or beautiful colorful reefs. You will find everything and more here!

Juvenile boxfish_edited.jpg
Maldivian Sponge sea slug

Colombia - Malpelo Island Liveaboard

Only accesible from a liveaboard, 500 miles away from civilization!

The Similan islands are famous, and for good reason. Removed 60 kilometers from the mainland, you will be best off organizing a liveaboard. For those who don't have the time or budget for this, there are even day trips to Similan and the Surin islands, to enjoy the best Thailand has to offer.

Equador - Galapagos

Book yourself a liveaboard to these remote, and absolutely gorgeous islands kept pristine and in peace!

While Phuket is known to be a tourist hot-spot, the area is very much divided into the Patong beach area and more secluded beaches and Phuket town. Pick your favourit and enjoy day trips North, South and West into the beautiful Andaman Sea!

Gun on shipwreck
Coming Soon!


Gulf of Thailand wreck diving just below Pattaya!

Looking for something different, or just close to Bangkok? Want to go dive into the largest shipwreck in Thailand? Look no further and visit Koh Chang, Mak & Kut. These 3 islands are close to each other and offer great wreck diving for any level with decent visibility!

Coming soon!
Good To Know
  • Currency: Thai Baht 

  • Conversion(Roughly): 100 Baht = $3,00

  • Power plug outlet: 220V 60Hz

  • Best Taxi Application: Grab

  • Best Provider: AIS

  • Mostly Cash payments

  • Safe to Drink Tapwater: NO

  • Online Electronics: Ubuy

  • Accommodation: Agoda

  • Best Airplane Company: Bangkok Airways

  • Average Internet speed: 55 Mbps

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