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2 weeks: Ultimate Egypt

Wadi Lahami & Hurghada - Dive close to Sudan, and join a liveaboard to the Red Sea!

Ultimate Egypt 2-week Itinerary!



- Marsa Alam

- Wadi Lahami

- Hurghada

- Liveaboard

- Impression


Check out the main page for Wadi Lahami here!

Check out the main page for Hurghada/ Liveaboard here!

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Reef on Wreck
Reef on Wreck

"Reefs & Wrecks" quick summary:

- Marsa Alam

(0-1 days) - Click here to book.

- Wadi Lahami - Reefs and Dolphins

(3-7 nights) - Click here to book.

- Hurghada - Liveaboard entry point

(0-1 nights) - Click here to book.

- Liveaboard - Wrecks and Reefs

(4-10nights) - Click here to book.


Wreck diving Red Sea
Wreck diving Red Sea

Wrecks & Reefs Itinerary day-by-day:

This itinerary will only cover 2-3 stops and is very dependent on your wishes, of course. These stops offer something very different, and you'll not regret including these in your trip!

You can either enter Egypt via Caïro, Hurghada, or Marsa Alam. Depending on your port of entry you can either start in Hurghada or Marsa Alam.


First stop: Wadi Lahami.

Welcome to Egypt! Wadi Lahami is located just north of the border with Sudan and is pretty remote. I kept wondering why this place wasn't completely overrun by tourists since the diving is extraordinary!

When booking a stay in Wadi Lahami it's possible to also arrange a transfer to your accommodation, which I highly recommend. The drive from Marsa Alam is about 1.5 hours south, and you'll find yourself staying at the end of the world, seemingly.

You'll be staying in tents or a simple bungalow which is very comfortable and spacious, and diving will usually be in the morning and afternoon. Guides are optional here. If you are diving with a group, you can choose to be accompanied by a guide or go diving by yourself (buddy included of course).

The resort is all included, meaning, you will get 3 meals a day since stores and towns are quite far away.

I suggest staying here for at least 5 days.

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Booking Logo

Cave Swimthrough
Cave Swimthrough


Second Stop: Hurghada.

If you chose to go south first, you can quite easily arrange a transfer by car to Hurghada. This ride takes about 3 hours, and the resort can accommodate this.

You could choose to stay in Hurghada for a day or two, however, there isn't much to do besides sunbathing.

Now I can highly recommend booking a liveaboard from Hurghada! You could also opt for day trips from Hurghada however a liveaboard is a way to reach those remote diving sites and eventually will probably be cheaper since it's all-inclusive. There are numerous liveaboards with prices starting from $100,- per day per person, including 2-3 dives usually, food, and accommodation! Sound like a good deal to me!

These liveaboards usually take 8 days/ 7 nights and I couldn't recommend this more!

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Fish on Coral
Fish on Coral

Power in Numbers




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