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Ultimate Itinerary for Diving in Malaysia!

Looking to go diving in the Philippines? No idea where to go exactly or how?

I got you covered with a few itineraries that might give you a better overview of how to organize your ultimate trip!

Below I will describe the route, why you should go, and how to get there. There will even be some recommendations for diving centres you could look out for. You can click on the destinations on the map to start booking your diving trip! 

Have fun!

1-2 Weeks Eastern Island Hopping!

1-2 Weeks Western Coast!

3+ Weeks "Ultimate Malysia"

Malaysia "Eastern Island Hopping"

This trip was actually the trip where I got certified as an advanced diver, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

Diving in Malaysia is doable year round, however, I would stick to the period between March and September. After October rain season may ruin your well deserved diving excursion and we wouldn't want that! 


Below you will find a map with the ultimate diving travel itinerary which will require at least 2 weeks and optional excursions might extend this to 5+ weeks if you have the time available to you. The yellow lines are optional and very worthwhile stops you could visit in between transfers.




This map is best viewed on a desktop. You can click all the pins below to receive more information on that particular section.

Malaysia Eastern Islands
Malaysia diving itinerary east.jpg

"Eastern Island Hopping"

Quick summary:


- Kuala Lumpur Metropolis

(2-3 days) - Click here to book.

- Cameron Highlands - Tea & Hiking

(2-3 nights) - Click here to book.

- Perhentian Islands - Clear water paradise

(2-4 nights) - Click here to book.

- Taman Negara - Jungle cruises

(2-3 nights) - Click here to book.

- Tioman - 1 0f 7 secluded villages

(2-4 nights) - Click here to book.

Malaysia "Eastern Island Hopping" Itinerary Day by Day

First stop: Kuala Lumpur.

You will probably enter Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur. The city is quite nice! You can visit parks, night markets, and the zoo, besides some amazing architecture. It's well worth it to spend a few days here to explore.

Optional: Cameron Highlands.

After leaving Kuala Lumpur you will have to travel to Besut jetty, which is a pretty far drive. A really good stop "in-between" is therefore Cameron Highlands! This area is great to explore for 2-4 days easy. The villages are surrounded by mountains, and you can do many 1-5 hour hikes differing in difficulty to suit everyone's need and fitness level. I stayed in Tanah Rata. However, you could also opt for Brinchang a bit further down the road.

Just go to the bus station in Kuala Lumpur and hop on the bus to Cameron Highlands. 

After Cameron Highlands or if traveling directly to Besut Jetty you will want to go to your first diving experience of this trip! 

Second stop: The Perhentian Islands.

Once arrived at Besut Jetty you can hop on a Ferry to the Perhentian Islands. Now, this is the part to pay attention to: You will be asked to go to Pulau Besar or Kecil (meaning big or small island). So I would recommend doing your research in advance by for example checking out this link.


Tip: There is no ATM on the Perhentian Islands so bring enough cash! Hotels usually accept credit cards though.

Once on the ferry to the Perhentian Islands enjoy a 2-hour boat ride. Welcome, to paradise!

Diving the Perhentian Islands is beautiful, relatively easy, and nice and warm. If you stick to the right season between March and September you'll have a great time.

I recommend staying 3-7 days here.










Optional: Taman Negara.

When leaving the Perhentian Islands you can grab another bus to Mersing or make a stop in Taman Negara, a jungle in the middle of Malaysia.

This is well worth it after all the diving you have done and you'll find many sorts of accommodation and excursions to take part in. From canoeing the rivers to multi-day hikes in the jungle.

I recommend staying here 2-4 days if you decide to.

Third stop: Tioman Island.

You can travel to Mersing from either Taman Negara or Besut but be prepared for a long drive either way. You will probably want or even have to stay the night in Mersing which is a medium-sized town, where you will depart from  Tioman. Arriving in Mersing, head to the jetty to make sure you can board the next day. It's not always necessary, but you probably want to be sure.

If you are boarding the boat to Tioman Island you will be asked in which village they should drop you off. I would suggest researching a bit before making this choice. I personally stayed in Salang, the final village, and I absolutely loved it. 

Most villages are not connected via roads so make sure you are in the right village. 

I would recommend staying on Tioman island for 3-7 days. You could also stay in different villages of course, while there!

Tip: From Mersing, it's quite easy to continue your trip to Singapore or Borneo even, or just travel back to Kuala Lumpur.

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