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Day 2 of Diving in Bali! Nusa Penida!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

So the second day of diving from Sanur was finally heading to Nusa Penida. It was the actual reason for me going to Sanur because I heard the diving scene was excellent there.

We hopped on a boat, lunch packed and diving gear sorted to head out to the famous "Manta Point" on the south side of the island.

The Island itself is gorgeous! The blue ocean crashing into the island has created many nooks and crannies.

We had 2 dives planned today. One was in the south, the other in the north.


First Dive "Manta Point": Manta point is famous for its Manta spotting obviously. The site is visited by many people as you would expect and in itself quite boring. Until you see that manta! The creatures never seem to amaze me. They can grow as large as 4 meters wide and are usually not at all afraid as long as you don't chase them. They tend to swim in circles and if you control your buoyancy or take a knee and breathe calmly there is a big chance they will swim right over you which is an experience in itself. We finished the dive after spotting maybe 10 manta's with a nice reef dive, doing a pass-through cavern as well.

Well worth the trip so far!


Second Dive "S-D Point - PED": Now this was interesting because these are actually 2 dive sites. Because of the current we started in PED which is a bit further away along the coast and we drifted to S-D Point. We had lunch on the boat here since the water was much calmer than in the south and immediately spotted a few turtles coming up for air which was a very good sign! The site is full of turtles, you can spot dolphins, lots of crabs and lobsters and the drifting in itself is always so much fun and relaxing. After a while we ascended to about 10 meters and swam back a bit to the boat.


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