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Day 3 of Diving in Bali! Tulamben!

I had just 1 more place I needed to go to which was also accessible from Sanur and that was Tulamben. Tulamben is all the way up the north just west of Amed and has 1 very important feature for which you should go dive here. The Liberty Wreck.

The wreck was a cargo ship hit by a torpedo in 1941 and was actually safely landed on the beach. The crew got out, got their equipment and not until 1961 the wreck was actually moved. Not by men, but by nature! The volcano erupted and lava streamed down and pushed the wreck into the ocean, still very close to the beach though. Which makes it an excellent diving scene!

inside Tulamben Wreck


First Dive "Liberty Wreck": Like I said, the dive is excellent! You enter from the shore and black sanded beach. After a bit of swimming you will see the ship appear, which is always a great thing. The ship is around 100 meters long and can be penetrated in 2 points. The ocean life is incredible. Large groupers, lionfish, scorpionfish, frogfish etc. You will see it all in and on this wreck. As dessert you exit the dive site via a garden eel field!


Second Dive "Drop-off": The drop-off was about 3 minutes by car from the Tulamben wreck. The black sanded beach starts with a easy slope in 5-10 meters deep. After a while exploring and admiring the macro diving you will see a wall appear which is between 10 - 40 meters deep. There are muray eels, scorpion and lionfish. Hermite crabs, lobsters, you name it. There is life in every square meter here!


Want to visit Tulamben yourself? Book your stay and/or travel guide here!

Don't forget to check out the clips I've made below!

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