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Diving in Gili! Turtle Point & Shark Point!

After being in Bali for more than a month, seeing lots of amazing places under and above water, it is time for me to move away from this beautiful place to the next.

Destination: Gili T(rawangan), Meno and Air.

Waking up at 5.30 am in the morning to transfer to Sedangan Ferry Harbour it was about an hours drive. Once there, we had to wait a bit for the ferry because it was leaving at 9 am. After a coffee we entered the boat which was freezing cold, but fortunately we had the luxury of being able to go top deck and enjoy the sun, wind and occasional dolphin showing himself.

The island of Trawangan is an island which I walked around in 2 hours or so. There is one big road running along 90% of the coast. Along the entire coast almost you will find guesthouses, resorts, shops and beach bars. And, a lot of tourists.

If you want to explore the more "real" side of the island I highly recommend you walking or cycling towards the heart of the island. Where the actual people live. You will find a lot more basic amenities and more traditional houses and some hidden gems like restaurants serving the best Nasi Campur for only 30.0000 IDR ($1,50). In the evenings you can here the prayers from the mosque on the island which I always enjoy to hear.

After about 1 hour sailing we reached Padang Bay to pick up the rest of the guests. The boat is now completely packed and I'm enjoying a beer on board which I didn't realise was perhaps a bit early (10 AM) but tasted great none the less!

After another hour or so we reached "The Gili's". 3 Islands belonging to Lombok but have developed there own touristic attraction. Many people flock to these islands to do different things. Gili T(rawangan) is the biggest and well known for its parties, diving, and accommodation. I'm staying here for the next 2 weeks planning to explore every dive site here for you guys to enjoy!


First Dive "Turtle Point/ Heaven": Turtle Point was the first dive here and I was quite exited as I'm always happy to see a turtle. Little did I know this place is absolutely packed with these guys. And I reckon because of the many, many tourists they aren't afraid at all. Dare I say even inquisitive! The turtle below actually approached ME, checked it out, and was on his way again. A great experience to have in general. And if a dive guide doesn't even notifies his company about seeing a turtle you know there are plenty. Massive ones to as I will show in short films below.


Second Dive "Shark Point": Shark point is located on the north-western part of Gili T. The site is actually real nice. You can drop off to about 30 meters where you will find a wreck. It's a relatively small one, however it can be penetrated! You will see a lot of big schooling fish, and maybe even some sharks. The rest of the dive is mostly flat, with big rocks where you can find baby sharks chilling out. If you're lucky you will see some white tip reef shark-moms swimming around. Also the amount of turtles here is incredible! Besides turtles and sharks, you will see stingray, large crayfish etc.


Want to visit Gili Trawangan yourself? Book your stay and/or travel guide here!

Don't forget to check out the clips I've made below!

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