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Day 1 of diving in Bali! Amed!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

So I started out this journey in Uluwatu, Balangan. This place is very remote and mostly a surfers paradise. Which is fine of course to relax, get my bearings and prepare the most important thing: Diving!

After working on the website for a few weeks I started to get into the mood, especially after a few laps in my swimming pool. The urge to go diving became stronger and stronger and finally I decided to go to Sanur, just east of Denpasar. It's relatively close to Nusa Penida, a main attraction for day trips and of course, scuba diving.


I ended up with Dune Atlantis diving after a few inquiries and the atmosphere and total package deals really appealed to me. After a meet and greet we decided to go diving!

"We are diving in Amed", Karl said. "Which is about 2 hours driving from here, so be here at 7 AM". And here I was thinking we were just doing a shore dive off the beach!

So we drove for a bit more than 2 hours with a group of about 8 people. And finally in Amed we had a big day ahead of us. 3 dives total! Let's gooo!

Amed Bay

Amed Bay

First dive: "Pyramids": This is quite an interesting site, since it is mostly man-made. About 20 years ago the local community put concrete bricks shaped like pyramids in the water. There must be around 20 or so. Over time the coral started to attach to it which turned it into a artificial reef with plenty of life. The most amazing part of this dive is the amount of stingray you will encounter. dozens lay hidden under the sand and in the coral you'll find frogfish, scorpion fish and schooling fish in between.


Second Dive: "Amed Wall": The second dive was a wall dive right outside the bay area. The wall is around 50 meters wide with a plateau at 10 meters which makes this an easy descend. When currents aren't to strong you can go around the bay to the other side, but this wasn't happening since the currents became quite strong so we needed to turn around. This wasn't at all bad since the bay area is full of life and a bit more makro oriented.


Third Dive: "Amed Bay": The third dive was in the bay itself with a max depth of about 16 meters. The coral garden here is beautiful with lots of lion fish, scorpion fish and a few muray eels that reside here. A comfortable shore dive and afterwards an easy hop into the bus to go back to Sanur!


Seen enough to want to go here? I got you covered. Click below to book a stay in Amed, get your travel guide or fly to your next adventure:

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