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Ultimate travel and diving itineraries

Want to go diving on your next holiday, but you have no idea where to go, or to go about it? I got you covered with these "ultimate diving itineraries" making your choice much, much easier!

You will find a comprehensive step-by-step, daily plan to help you plan your trip, your way. I also tried to make these itineraries as flexible as possible as I can imagine some people prefer different diving scenes over others.

The itineraries are divided into 1-2 week trips and one big ultimate trip from which you can extract portions or bits perhaps to complement your already amazing trip!

Have a look and find your ultimate diving trip!

Indonesia Raja Ampat


Find your ultimate travel and diving itinerary!

Beach on palawan philippines

The Philippines

Ultimate island hopping adventure!

Egypt reef fish.jpg


Diving the red sea on a liveaboard or going all the way south to Sudan!

Perenthian Island.webp


Make your way through the highlands and jungles to reach your paradise!

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